Citizen Participation in planning Municipal Budget

As part of USAID's Advancing Kosovo Together Project in improving autonomous, horizontal communications between majority and non-majority communities, local government and non-majority communities, and increasing the efficiency and capacity of target municipal administrations to respond to the needs of all their citizens in 12 municipalities in which AKT works, RTC Consulting was contracted to work closely with Chemonics in carrying out the following activities from November 2015 – October 2016:

•    Working with community members and local civil society organizations to 
(a) Participate in public discussions; 
(b) Gather, validate, and articulate community priorities; 
(c) Form functional Joint Working Groups (JWGs) composed of CSOs, community forums, municipal community forums, community members, and municipal officials.

•    Analysing and strengthening community priorities in white papers intended to give actionable information for municipal decision-making, alongside compiling white papers to form a Common Municipal Development Agenda.
•    Building the capacity of the JWG to maintain and implement initiatives as partners with the municipality, as well as monitor and evaluate municipal initiatives and service delivery.
•    Organizing and implementing a series of meetings with local government, JWGs, as well as communities and representatives of CSOs to engage in productive discussions via public meetings and public budget hearings.