Developing a Sustainability Model for Student Support

Developing a Sustainability Model for Student Support Service Centre of VET Agriculture School in Vushtrri

RTC was contracted by Swiss Intercooperation Kosovo and Management Development Associates (funded by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation) to develop a sustainability model for a Student Support Service Centre (SSSC) in Vocational Education Training (VET) schools and to plan interventions for the development of this model. RTC also advised on innovative changes that ensured the functionality of this model.

Career guidance is a new service that is being established within education institutions (at Higher Education Providers (HEP) and VET schools) and in institutions providing job matching services (Public Employment Services and on-line job portals). The scope and scale of the current guidance services provided by these institutions at present is too weak to address a substantial number of beneficiaries in an effective way; therefore the number of students having career guidance services is limited. The result is an oversupply of certain skill profiles whereas often the skills that are demanded by the private sector remain undersupplied.

As part of the project requirements and deliverables, RTC reviewed documents and information published in Kosovo from 2013-2014 by different stakeholders in the area of career guidance services including government, donors, Vushtrri municipality, etc., as well as carefully considered best practices from the region.

RTC successfully delivered:


-       Conducted a qualitative assessment of current services provided by the SSSC of the VET Agricultural School in Vushtrri (current condition) the findings of which were                 taken into consideration during the process of defining future conditions

-       Developed a clear sustainability model of basic structure of career guidance and counselling services (for future condition) for SSSC of VET Agricultural School in the                 Vushtrri municipality. The model also contained the result chain showing expected changes through the innovative role of SSSC in Vushtrri municipality’s labour market in           particular, and Kosovo’s labour market in general

-       Introduced the sustainability model and result chain to SSSC of VET Agricultural School in Vushtrri and to Municipality Education Directorate. The was approved by senior         management of VET Agricultural School in Vushtrri and by Municipality Education Directorate.

-       Drafted in close collaboration with the responsible staff of SSSC a three-year action plan that responds to the developed sustainability model. The plan provided a clear               description of measures to be undertaken, expected results expressed through clear indicators, resources needed for implementation, as well as respective timeframe and         budget line.

-       Advised the contracting organization on constraints and opportunities to be addressed, in partnership with Vushtrri municipality, through their intervention in order to ensure         the functionality of this model.

-       Drafted the final report in accordance with assignment’s objectives as well as debriefed the team on its content and outcomes.